Our Synagogue Situation

Sim Shalom Congregation has existed more than 20 years and fulfils the triple functions of a synagogue: Bet T’fila- house of prayer, Bet Midrash – house of study, Bet Knesset – house of meeting. We have the congregation, the prayers and the learning. But where is the home for it?
We had rented various private apartments for many years. We were taken in as guest by the local Bálint House Jewish Community Center – which helped us enormously for years, but limited our ability to function as a whole synagogue, and our ability to grow.

For two years, we had a scheme where as Trustee for the Hungarian government, we tried to collect funds for the renovation of a government-owned building – Amerikai street 48. in XIV. district. It was a state-owned property and will always be. It does not matter how much we would have spent on it; the government could have taken it back from us at any time. After spending long time on finding donors and loans for our own property, we had to face reality, and search for a long-term lease that allows us to function and grow, with the option to buy on the longer run.

Then we found such a place, in Raday street, in district IX.
It was ideal for a synagogue, in size and especially in internal structure and style. In December 2009 we started renovations,and our initial fundraising among members covered our first year rent. We moved in in February 2010, and managed to dramatically expanded our programming based on the possibilities of the new location.
We held the official dedication ceremony in May 2010, where many local and global representatives of Jewish organizations were present.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, we had to leave it in April 2016, since we were unable to pay the rent any more. We have moved part  our programs to Bálint House Jewish Community Center.

Finding donors to help us find a place of our own again is our next priority.

For more details on how to donate, please see our contact/donate page.