Contact and Donate


Location of our programs:
Balint House, the Jewish Community Center of Budapest
Address: 16 Revay street, District 6, Budapest  map

Mailing address:
Szim Salom
10 Baross street
1088 Budapest, Hungary

Rabbi: Ms. Katalin Kelemen
rabbi (@)
+36 1 326 5113

President: Mr. Gergely Guba
gubag (@)

Board: Mr. Péter Árvai, Mr. Jesse Weil

Treasurer: Mr. Jesse Weil
jesse.weil (@)

Executive Director: Ms. Judit Szabados
info (@)


Contributions specific to synagogue fund-raising

Donation by check :  make check payable to “Sim Shalom Synagogue Fund” and send it to:
Jesse Weil (Treasurer), Sim Shalom Congregation
3/B Hankoczy Jeno street
1022 Budapest, Hungary
Please also notify us in email at the same time!

For US IRS tax-deductible donations:
In the USA, Friends of Sim Shalom, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization is now full operating. Check out their website here

For UK tax-deductible donations, WUPJ European Union is available as a donation proxy. Please contact us for further details on how to donate through them.

DIRECT Donations by Bank Wiretransfer

• IBAN HU31109180010000002028290005
• Acct # 10918001-00000020-28290005
• Bank name, address:
”’Unicredit Bank Hungary
”’5-6 Szabadsag ter, 1054 Budapest, Hungary
• Beneficiary name: “Szim Salom Egyesulet”