A lovely dinner with Rabbi Paskow and members of B'nai Emet

Congregation B’nai Emet Visits Sim Shalom

We were honoured to receive a delegation of Congregation B’nai Emet from Simi Valley, California, headed by Rabbi Michele Paskow on June 27, on a tour of Central Europe. Having met the group, we are sure B’nai Emet must be a friendly, joyful, lively and welcoming congregation.

Our board members updated the visitors on Reform Judaism in Hungary and the difficult situation of Sim Shalom and Bet Orim, the two Reform Communities that have both been excluded from the circle of officially registered religious communities under a law passed in 2011. On the other hand, we told our guests about the various programs in Sim Shalom and about how we have been working to show that being a Jew is a joyful experience.

Rabbi Paskow and members of B’nai Emet, thank you for visiting us! It was a heartwarming encounter.



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