Sim Shalom Participates in Discussions with the Hungarian Government

Sim Shalom’s representative participated in the second (March 2011) occasion of the ongoing regular consultations that were organized by State Secretary Andras Levente Gal of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration.

These meetings were created by a Cabinet decision to broaden the ongoing consultations with the Jewish communities of Hungary. The topics include a pending reform of the public trust “Mazsök” , the educational initiatives related to Jewish (and Shoa) history, and restitution cases. (Mazsök manages restitution and distributes support for the communitites, where Sim Shalom’s representative had been sitting  on it’s board of trustees since 2009 but the overwhelming majority is controlled by Mazsihisz since the birth of Mazsök.)

The representatives from Bet Orim (the other Hungarian Reform community) were also invited by the government, so the leaders of the two communities were sitting next to each other in this historic meeting. The two local Reform communities are now cooperating with each other and their umrella organizations EUPJ and WUPJ in their efforts of bringing Hungarian government recognition to the Progressive Jewish movement. Historically the Hungarian restitution funds and other support goes only to Orthodox and the Neolog communities.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 14th, 2011.

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